What do we charge ?

We like to tell you Anglesey Computer Solutions rates up front so that there are no nasty surprises.

Our on-site rates are less than you will be charged at High Street shops and we will save you the trouble of disconnecting all your equipment, taking it to a shop and then having to reconnect all cables and reinstall the printer, camera, broadband and programs once you get home. To us you are a valued customer not a number on a repair tag attached to your computer in the workshop.

Anglesey Computer Solutions Rates….

Our site visit rate in green area of Anglesey is from £45 for first hour on site.

Blue areas of Anglesey and Bangor from £50 for first hour on site.

Rate include up to 1 hour on site :- Minimum charge is 1 hour and most onsite problems can be sorted in this time.

Additional time on site charged at £20 per additional 1/2 hour.

We do not charge mileage for home visits or a premium for evening or weekend work.

Remote assistance to resolve issues £35 for up to one hour.

If the problem cannot be resolved on site, in a reasonable amount of time, we will provide an estimate for repair based on returning the PC to our workshop for further diagnostics and remedial work.

1st Hour in workshop £40 and then £25 per hour after that.

If at this time you decide that the repair estimate is uneconomic a diagnostic fee equivalent to 1 hours on site as above will still be payable.

The maximum fee for repair of a Desktop PC is normally around £90 excluding parts.

The customer is normally responsible for all data backup prior to work starting.

However, if required we will back up data before we start work.

If at any point, we need to reformat your computer, we require you to supply us with the original license key or recovery disks.

If there is no license key / recovery disk available, then no further work will be done.

The customer will be charged for the work up to that point.

Anglesey Computer solutions, will NOT install crack codes, keygens, or help bypass the Windows activation system.

Fixed priced for some services from £45

Contact us for an estimate!