How can I improve Caravan WiFi

How can I improve Caravan WiFi?

I recently had a client who had just purchased a static caravan at a site in Trearddur Bay Anglesey. The caravan site already had a decent quality WiFi system around the park.

How can I improve Caravan WiFi


My client was able to get a good internet connection on his phone while outside the caravan but could not use his tablet or laptop inside the van.

This is not unusual as the caravan walls contain metal which acts as a shield and reduced the WiFi signal strength inside the van.

The solution was to fix an external WiFi antenna to the outside of the caravan.

Improve Caravan WiFi Anglesey


The Cable from the antenna was brought into the base of the van and terminated inside a small entertainment unit. Inside the van a USB WiFi router was connected to the cable which picked up the external Site WiFi signal and re-broadcasted it around the caravan.



Improve WiFi within my caravan.


The increase in signal strength can be seen in the screenshot. The green showing the original signal and the blue the improved signal strength.

Once the signal was established I was then able to setup the new router with its own wireless name (SSID) and security code. This means that only those people who know the code can connect to the system.

The caravan owner tested the signal and not only was he able to connect his tablet from parts of the caravan which were off limits before, but he was also able to watch streaming video while walking around the van.

If you need to improve WiFi within your Anglesey caravan: Contact us.