Community Council websites in Wales

The Welsh Government were providing grants to Welsh Community and Town Councils to commission a community council website in Wales to meet the requirements of the Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Bill that requires each Community and Town Council to make basic information available online as well as through conventional mediums.
Typically this would include contact details for Councillors and Clerks as well as copies of agendas, meeting minutes and basic accounting information as well as financial and political interests of the Councillors.
The Welsh Assembly have allocated funding to each Community and Town Council for this purpose and all councils are eligible for this funding.

The funding is a one-off payment that will be made as part of one of the precept payments to each council, and can only be used for a website and nothing else.

All Welsh Community Councils were required to have a website up and running by June 2015.

Community Council websitesIf you do not use the grant process to secure the funding as part of your next precept payment, the cost to commission a website will have to be found from your normal funds.

More details here :-150430-access-to-information-en

Anglesey Computer Solutions have already created a number of bilingual Welsh Government compliant web site for Community Councils on Anglesey. The web sites are optimised to display on all devices – desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. More and more people are using their mobile phones whilst on the move.

Community Council websites

They typically consist of :-

  • Bilingual web site
  • Banner picture will consist of images from around the Council’s area.
  • Address of the web site to be (for example others are available)
  • Web site title Cyngor Cymuned “your” Community Council.
  • Web Site to contain the following pages
    1. Hafan / Home : Details of “your” Council and its regular meetings , responsibilities etc.
    2. Cynghorwyr / Councillors : Details of Councillors, responsibilities and contact details
    3. Cofnodion / Minutes: Details of minutes as published, available to be read on screen or downloaded to be printed off.
    4. Cysylltu /Contact: Contact form and/ or email which links to Clerk’s email address
    5. Cysylltiadau gwe / web links, Community Council Ombudsman, County Council.
    6. Other pages subject to agreement.
  • Web site managed using a CMS system with integral SEO and Web page statistics.
  • Training will be given on updating the web site if required.
  • Anglesey Computer Solutions can manage the web site on behalf of the Community Council.
  • Clerk only needs to email the (bilingual) minutes to Anglesey Computer Solution each month and we will do the rest.

Community Council websites

Please contact Anglesey Computer Solutions if you need more details about a community web site to enable you to comply with government requirements.