There are many reasons why you need a data backup solution for your PC.

None of us would want to lose precious pictures or documents, but often we get calls from clients whose hard drive has failed or who have been the subject of malware attack.

Both can mean that you can suddenly lose those files.

The only protection is to have a backup and Anglesey Computer Solutions have a range of plans which can help you.

Basic onsite backup

onsite data backupAnglesey Computer Solutions can set up an easy to use program which will back up all your files to an external USB stick or hard drive. Most onsite backups use a number of media which are used in turn to make sure you have more than one copy of a recent back up.

Onsite storage has some advantages over offsite storage, including:

  • immediate access to data
  • less expensive
  • Internet access not needed

However, onsite storage has one distinct disadvantage over offsite storage. In the event of a catastrophic event or human error, onsite data storage can be destroyed. For example, if there is a fire in the building, or a water main bursts, the client can lose all the data that has been collected on them. In addition, onsite storage units can also be stolen, resulting in a loss of time, money, and data. We can set this solution up with some of your existing media or supply suitable media.

Set up is from £40 but remember you will need to manually back up to the media each week or month as required.

Basic offsite backup

Offsite data backup

For this type of back up an internet connection is required together with a monthly fee. Files on your computer are stored “in the cloud” on the internet.




This type of backup has a number of advantages :-

  • Redundant Data Storage – Multiple Backup Copies
  • Automated Backup – Eliminates Human Error
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Scaleable as data load increases
  • Data is encrypted and stored in secure data centres
  • Two factor authentication provides additional security.

But some disadvantages:-

  • Requires Internet Access
  • Bandwidth Intensive – initial and ongoing backup can be time consuming depending on size
  • Longer Data Restoration Process

This type of backup is best for businesses or documents and pictures which you do not want to lose as you have multiply copies of the files stores online and costs around £60 pa for the storage and around £40 per machine to set up.

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Operating system back up

Operating system back upBoth the solutions above only provide back up of files. If the operating system on your PC becomes corrupt because of a power cut, virus attack or failed upgrade you would normally need to format the hard drive, reinstall the operating system and all the programs (you do still have all the discs and license codes don’t you?).

To help prevent against it is possible to take an image of the hard drive. This image is stored on an external drive and can be used to quickly restore the PC back to the state it was in when the image was taken. This is much quicker and a lot less trouble than trying to reinstall all those programs! When used with a local onsite back up as above your PC could be back in use in a few hours.


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