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Need a CCTV installer on Anglesey?

Domestic CCTV (closed circuit TV) is a useful addition to improving home security. However it should only be considered after other basic home security measures such as secure door and windows locks are implemented

You have lots of choice when it comes to what type of system to go for. A basic “no frills” home CCTV system is great for general monitoring of your home. This type of system would normally include up to 4 cameras mounted on the outside of the property. Each camera is connected via a single cable back to a Network Video Recorded (NVR) which records and stores the images. The NVR is then connected to your home router and a connection made to your PC or TV. This then allows you to watch the CCTV recording from a convenient location. In addition some systems also allow you to watch the video footage from a mobile phone. However there are security implications if you want to do this.

Please note that while these basic systems offer a general monitoring capability the quality of lens used can mean that the information collected cannot always be used in courts.  In these cases you should consider a commercial CCTV system.

Domestic CCTV on Anglesey

Is domestic CCTV legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal as long as due care is taken. Most people who choose to install CCTV at home do so primarily to deter would-be intruders from trespassing onto or breaking into their homes, and this is completely legitimate. The 1998 Data Protection Act governs the installation and use of CCTV but this only applies to businesses and organisations and not domestic property.

Basic CCTV images of person trying to break into house.

However just because residential CCTV is legal does not mean it is not regulated and care must be taken to ensure that the cameras are not directly pointed at another person’s property or public access areas such as roads or pavements outside your property boundary.

For example – ask yourself:

  • Do I really need a camera to address my security concerns?
  • Would extra lighting or sensor lighting be as effective?
  • Is there an alternative to a camera?
  • Is there anyone who could advise me about alternatives?
  • What is the most privacy friendly way to set it up?
  • Can I avoid intruding into my neighbours’ property?

You should remember that your use of a CCTV system may be appropriate but publicly uploading or streaming footage of individuals will require further justification and in most cases will not be justifiable. Audio recording is particularly privacy intrusive and in the vast majority of cases where CCTV is being used on domestic properties it should be disabled.

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How can Anglesey Computer Solutions help with domestic CCTV?

We have experience of installing domestic CCTV systems and can provide advice and guidance to ensure you have a system which suits your needs and complies with regulations including:-

  • Putting up clear signs to say that CCTV is in operation;
  • Only using the footage for the purpose for which it has been taken;
  • Only keeping footage for as long as it is needed;
  • Not releasing footage to third parties;
  • Keeping the footage safe.

It is not just daytime prowlers you need to keep an eye on!