Elon Musk, starlink mesh wifi on Anglesey

I have a client near pentraeth who has been trying to get a decent broadband speed for years. BT fiber is not available and the best he could do was an EE 4g router.  Someone mentioned Elon Musk’s starlink satellite system. This consists of a small external dish and a wifi router.

The system seemed to work well but the dish was on the roof and the special lead supplied to connect the dish to the router meant the router had to be located on the 3rd floor of the house.

I was asked if I could fit a mesh system to distribute the Wifi around the rest of the house. The client needed to buy an additional starlink proprietary ethernet adaptor for the satellite system. I was then able to set up a 6 node mesh system which meant that the client was able to get a 95Meg wifi connection in the office in the ground floor. I was not aware that the startlink system was available on Anglesey. It is not cheap at £530 for the equipment and then £90 per month but it was ideal for this client.

If you need any help setting up a mesh Wifi system for a large , or small house please get in touch.