Do you have Wifi around the house but need to extend wifi to other areas?

Traditionally Wifi meant that you had to run network cables between WiFi access points. This may have been OK if you were designing a new building and could fit and hide network cables. It was not so convenient for exiting builds or for external areas such as caravan parks.

The answer is modern Mesh Wifi for your home or holiday let.

This allows the WiFi signal to “hop” from one access point to another to form a mesh.

Anglesey Computer Solutions are now able to install open-mesh WiFi technology and give your guests the WiFi experience they expect. *

Each WiFi point still needs to be connected to a power source but the network signal is carried “Over the air”

You can now have WiFi where you need it with secure indoor and outdoor options that fit any environment.

Mesh Wifi for your home or holiday.

* Please note we can only share your existing broadband connection among your users. If your broadband speed is slow end users may still not receive a satisfactory speed. Careful planning of the installation is required for extended external sites.