Improve your caravan internet connection

Improve your caravan internet connection

We are all so used to having an internet connection at home or when moving about via 4g data on our mobile phone. However, things tend to slow down once you try to use your mobile data inside a caravan. Caravans often located in rural areas which may not have the same strength or capacity of the signal in an urban area. However, using mobile phone data while inside a caravan also has to deal with another issue which is the signal blocking characteristics of the metal body of the caravan.

The metal skin of the caravan often acts like a faraday cage and reduces the signal strength inside the caravan significantly compared to that outside. This is true for all radio waves so both Wi-Fi and 4 g signal strength are reduced inside a caravan.

If your caravan site provides a site Wi-Fi service it is possible to fit an external antenna to you caravan matched with a suitable internal Wi-Fi router to provide a Wi-Fi service inside the caravan. This has not been possible if you depend on a 4g service.

A number of mobile providers have introduced “MiFi” systems. These use a 4G mobile signal to provide a Wi-Fi service inside a building. However, many will not work within a caravan due to the metal skin.

Vodaphone GigaCube

Now Vodaphone have introduced a new device called a GigaCube. This is similar to a MiFi in that it picks up 4 g signal and converts it to Wi-Fi for use in a building where traditional copper or fibre fixed network is not available. The Giga Cube can also be fitted with an external antenna. This means that, as long as your caravan site has a decent 4g signal from Vodaphone, you can now use a GigaCube with an external antenna to provide decent internal Wi-Fi to a caravan.