protect your files from ransomware

Do you know how to protect your files from ransomware?

Anyone who has used a computer for a little while will know how much a nuisance that computer pop-up adverts browser hijackers and viruses can be. However, there is now a new threat which is not only a nuisance but can cause you to lose access to all your photographs, music and important files.

This new threat is from ransomware which is explained in the video below:-

If you are a home user losing access to your files may be inconvenient or upsetting. However for a business, it can be a big head ache. You may be unable to access customer or order details and lose access to important files. Could your business survive?

The techniques used by the criminals who develop the ransomware attacks are continually changing and no-one can offer a guarantee that your data will never be attacked or compromised.

Anglesey Computer Solutions can help you minimise the effect of such an attack and make sure your systems are set up in such a way as to allow you to return to work quickly with minimum loss of files by following a few simple best practice rules together with a multi-level protection strategy:-

  • Use an efficient antivirus package which has ransomware detection built it.
  • Ensure the anti-virus and windows operating and programs are up to date.
  • Train employees in identifying social engineering attempts and phishing emails.
  • Follow safe internet practices by not visiting questionable websites, not clicking links or opening attachments in emails from uncertain sources.
  • Set up on-site PC backup images so that any infected PCs can be reformatted and rebuilt quickly.
  • Set up regular backups of user files to an external store which is not connected to the PC.
  • This will enable data to be recovered quickly in the case of corruption.
  • Consider setting up off-site secure Cloud backup solutions.
  • Implement / enable browser ad-blocking capacities.
  • Set up secure DNS services to stop malware entering your network.
  • Scan machines for out of date and so vulnerable software and disable, update or replace.
  • Enable software restriction policies to limit the damage that ransomware can do.

Can you afford for your precious pictures or important business documents to be lost?