Remote support

remote support

Remote support tools are I.T. tools and software that will enable Anglesey Computer Solution engineers to connect to your computer directly from their computer via the internet.

phone support

For simple technical questions that can be answered over the phone we offer “pay as you go” telephone support.

remote support

For more complicated issues it is possible that we can help you with some PC problems without even a site visit by using our Remote PC help system over a broadband connection.

With your permission you send us a “one time only” code so that we can then view your screen and this will enable us to diagnose and repair some types of PC problems.

remote support

You will be able to see everything that we are doing and will be able to disconnect us whenever you want.

Once you receive our program and agree a time slot for us to look at your problem, you run the program from your pc with a single click. There is no complicated set up procedure.
If you are interested in us helping you remotely, please contact us and we will arrange a mutually convenient time slot and send you a link to enable you to download the small Remote PC help system program.

The cost of a phone or remote PC help session is £25 for the first 30 minutes and then £10 per additional 15 minutes.

“I was very impressed with the remote support I received from Anglesey Computer Solutions. The deep rooted malware infection on my PC was completely removed.”