Responsive web design

Do you have a mobile friendly responsive web design?

Have you noticed more and more people check there emails on a smart phone or tablet these days?

These people are probably also checking out your web site on the same mobile equipment.

Responsive web design

If you have an older type web site it may not display correctly on these newer mobile devices. This could mean that you are losing out on selling your products or bookings. If you do not have any type of web site then you are really missing a gigantic opportunity.

You can check to see if your web site is mobile friendly by using the link below.

The term “responsive web design” was devised in 2010 to describe an approach to web design which provides an optimal viewing experience regardless of the screen resolution of the device you were using to view the website.

Mobile friendly websites which use responsive design are not only better looking for smaller screens but they can also produce improved business results for you as shown below:-

Responsive web design

However it is not only your customers who think resposive web sites are important. Google has decided to decrease the ranking of web sites which are not mobile friendly. They recently said:-

“These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users”

Anglesey Computer Solutions has built a number of mobile friendly websites, if you want the chance to increase your online mobile conversion rates please contact us.