Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves a series of techniques and tweaks to your web site to maximise the chance of it being seen by potential customers.

Imagine that you were selling books from your web site.

If someone searched for a book on Google or one of the other search engines ,Bing, Yahoo etc the first site they would come to might well be Amazon.

This is partially because Amazon, use SEO techniques on their web site and partially because they can afford to pay for advertising on Google etc.

Both of these options can also be used by any other web site user.


Search Engine OptimisationWe can help you optimise your web site with our 10 step on site Search Engine Optimisation check list.

This involves initial research to find out what you want from your web site ,followed by a market sector analysis which leads on to a series of “on page” targeted optimisation steps.

Once the “on page” optimisation has been completed and the web site republished a series of off site checks will be made which can result in further tweaks to the web site.

Although no-one can guarantee that your page will always be in the top ten of a search engine list, taken together the SEO techniques can help maximise your exposure to your potential market.

The SEO service is included in all new web sites that we build.

If you would like us to look at your existing web site please contact us.