IT support Anglesey

Anglesey Computer Solutions provided a full range of PC , Laptop, network and website services for homes and businesses on Anglesey.

However we are often asked to get involved with other technology or IT support for local businesses. Listed below are some of our recent projects.

If you have an interesting IT project we would like to help you!

IT support Anglesey

A local Charity wanted to display promotional videos to it’s visitors. We provided hardware and designed a secure video browser to allow visitors to select from a range of videos and slide shows.



We were recently asked to provide support in setting up a new computer suite.The work involved extending a cable network to an external location and setting up a suite of computers with printers, anti virus and web filtering software.


Access datbase development

A local company wanted to migrate data from an old database to a modern version of Microsoft access. At the same time, the data base was updated and functionality improved.



keyboardA local service company had a range of old windows XP computers which were beginning to fail.The company purchased new computers and were required to integrate all the service applications from the old computers to the new, set up a secure VPN access and provide a backup solution.The work was completed without loss of business continuity.




A local client had spent years researching her Family History. One morning she turned on her PC to see the dreaded “Blue screen of death” and a dead PC. She was most upset that all her hard work and photographs had have been lost.We were able to recover all her data , repair the PC and then put all her data back onto the PC.We also sold her a reliable backup solution just in case she is not as lucky next time!



An Anglesey based business had taken over a boat yard from a previous owner. The new owner did not know the configuration of the old WiFi network around the yard. We were able to update the system to give better coverage and fit a system which allowed the owner to control and charge for WiFi usage.



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