Manage a wordpress site

If you manage a WordPress site, sooner or later you will run into trouble with the web site not working. It may be a blank white page or unable to upload images. There can be many reasons for a failing web site.  If this is a personal hobby web site, you can take the time to sort out the issue. However, if the web site is for a Client or brings in money it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

As ever preparing beforehand is most important. There are a number of “backup” plugins which can be used in this situation. There are two that I use and install on every site that I build.

The first is “All in one WP migration” (





Using this plug in export mode it is very easy to download a single file to you PC which contains everything you need to restore your site.  All images, database and content is stored in a single file.  The export process takes about 10 minutes to create a backup package on your PC.

The second plug in is “Advanced WP reset”. (





With this installed on your web site you can easily set the database and all pages back to the original status, just like a fresh install. Not all content of your site will be lost so back sure you have a backup as above.

Now that you have a fresh install of WordPress, update to the latest version using the normal process. Then install “All in one WP migration” and import the version of the site you previously back up.  This involves just drop and drag the file into the form on your WordPress site.  10 minutes later your WordPress site will be back up and running as good as when the backup was made.

There is no messing with ftp servers of trying to log into data bases to reset them. It is that simple.

The same two plugins can also be used to create a WordPress test site for someone at a test URL and then back it up to you PC before importing it back to a live production site. I have even exported a live site, imported into a temp WordPress install, made some changes on the test site and then exported it back to the live site or used HTTrack to create a static HTMP version to show a customer.