How to Improve WiFi networks

A wireless broadband connection lets you move around the house with your laptop, games console or desktop PC, all the while staying connected to the internet. You can even connect phones and tablets to your home wifi network.

A home wifi connection has about 25 m radius in which you can use it before then signal becomes too weak to use.

However the signal can depend on many factor such as room layout, position of wifi router, number of connections etc.

Improve WiFi networksWe have experience in helping customers get the best out of their existing wifi equipment and can advise on new or replacement kit which can be used to improve or extend the range of your current signal.

We can also provide and install external wireless equipment which can be used to extend your signal to out buildings or caravans. A similar system can be used to provide wireless connections for small caravan parks.

If you are a small hotel or guest house who wishes to provide a “pay as you go” or even free wifi system for your guests we can provide and install all the equipment as required.

You need to make sure that you have the correct level of security set up to protect your wireless network and ensure that hackers, or just neighbours and passers by can’t use your internet without your permission.

All our wireless systems are installed by a Professional Cisco network engineer with extensive experience of wireless security , firewalls and intrusion protection.

A wireless system is not always the only method of extending your network coverage we can also install CAT5 network cable and provide network cabinets and wall outlet points if required.

For some simple advice on how to improve your Anglesey WIFI view this short video