Has your account been hacked?

Has your account been hacked?

We all have a lot of online accounts these days. What should you do if a social media, email of other online account appears to be hacked.

How would you know?

You may be locked out of your account, or notice many log in attempts perhaps at odd times or from other locations. You may start to see odd messages being sent from your account.

What should you do if your account has been hacked: –

  1. Update your phone or computer and run an antivirus scan.
  2. Contact your account provider’s security team and try activate the account recovery process.
  3. Once you have recovered your account check all the security and account rules.
  4. Change account passwords. Make it unique, use a password manager if needed.
  5. If you have used the same password on other accounts, make sure that you check those as well.
  6. Inform your personal contact that you have been hacked and ask them to be aware of any strange emails/ posts which appear to come from you.
  7. Consider reporting to Action Fraud who may be able to help others being affected.